SWAT Graduation Take Over

Special Weapons and Tactics held a graduation take over event on Tuesday, May 4th. This event was fun and successful too. The army decided to switch up their uniform a bit and add a fun graduation cap to it! Read more to see a recap of what occured at the event.

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Weekly CPA Power Ranking

  • Top Ten Power Rankings (Club Penguin Armies)
    1. RPF (99.9)
    2. IW (99.1)
    3. HF/ACP (tie) (88.8)
    5. SWAT (80.00)
    6. WV/DCP (Tie – 78.9)
    7. WN (70.00)
    8. SE (63.00)
    9. RR (55.00)
    10. GT(53.00)
    —– Close to Top Ten —–
    FP, PZF

(opinion based on overall size, activity and strength. numbers are random to determine disparity between armies)