7/26 Training Session

Today, SWAT logged on for a training event preparing for our battle with Superstars on Tuesday. We maxed 20 and had great tactics for the entirety of the event. Thanks to everyone for attending, and lets keep growing!

Tactics Session [4/30/20]

Hello SWAT!

We have been training hard lately to perfect our tactics, formations, and all together cohesiveness as an army and today was no different. We maxed 50 today which was impressive and our tactics are getting cleaner and more precise. As someone who has been in this new generation of SWAT since the very first event I am so proud of all the outstanding efforts made by all our members ranging from agents to commanders. You can see how far we have come as an army and I am so proud of us and I can not wait to see what the future has in store. SWAT FOREVER, this is my family. 

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Training Session [4/28/20]

Hello SWAT!

After the war server battles that happened this past, Sunday we were looking forward to a training where we could practice our tactics, room changes, and formations! We keep showing that we can have strong and consistent numbers and that we have big things in store for SWAT. We have been growing and recruiting like crazy and it can be seen in our higher numbers and loyal members attending our events.

We maxed 45+ and averaged 40.

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[AUSIA] Training [4/27/19]

Hello SWAT!

This was our 3rd AUSIA event that the new generation of SWAT has hosted so far, and I am so proud of the progress we have made. Our AUSIA commanders are training and working so hard at recruiting that improvement can be seen. This was our first event after Cargo retired and we made sure to pay tribute to him. Read below for pictures.

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Well, this has been a pretty fun four weeks or so.

Basically, I’m here to say that I’ll be stepping down from my leader position and passing my torch onto the new generation. I wanted to stay until you guys were in a sufficient enough spot where I thought you all would be fine on your own, and I believe you all are now in good hands. The leaders, owners, and mods are all superb and put in so much work on a daily basis, it’s really impressive.

I was genuinely surprised at how well we did from the start. It was crazy how we made such a huge rise so suddenly. I mean on our very first event we got almost 50 with less 24 hours notice, which is really unheard of.

It’s been a seriously fun ride, I was just here making memes while taking it semi-seriously like I do usually and we managed to create something awesome. All of you guys are genuinely awesome people and troops, and I’ve genuinely enjoyed my time here.

I cba making lengthy retirement posts, I have more fun meme’ing instead so I’ll end it off like so.

Just remember, SWAT is forever

p.s.: Stop saying SWAT means scargo wants a taco, I said that ONCE as a meme, please stop, it’s literally the unfunniest thing I’ve ever said in my life.

Also Unfinished Business was the worst motto ever thought of. Unchained >>>>>> Unfinished business.

Bad Edit: Thats cus we finished the business u bozo but gonna miss u okthnxlybye

Signing off,

~S Cargo2, Former SWAT Leader/Legend