SWAT Battle Training 2/12/21

Attention agents:

Today, February 12, 2021, the Special Weapons and Tactics Team once again stormed Club Penguin Rewritten on the server Ascent. for a massively successful training. A huge round of applause to all of the loyal and dedicated agents who attended and made today as great as it was. SWAT Family Forever!

Max: 20, Avg: 18

End Transmission.

Game Night + Zipline Rogue Storm 2/4/21

Attention agents:

Today, February 4, 2021, the Special Weapons and Tactics Team assembled within the Cove on the CPArmies server on Club Penguin Chapter 2. We partook in a massively fun Murder Mystery, hosted by the hottest man in CPA, LEGOMAN. Our spectacular Fourth-In-Command, Sadboi emerged victorious as the murderer, after the fun event concluded. We then proceeded to take Zipline by storm within Club Penguin Rewritten as we logged on to preserve and solidify our rogue base. A big thanks to all dedicated agents for supporting us in our endeavors. We are looking forward to seeing you once again as we make CPA history on Sunday as we take the Army of Club Penguin by storm in a monumental practice battle, signifying the full strength this new era.

Game night

End Transmission.

CPR Mining Takeover 2/3/2020

Attention agents:

Today, February 3, 2020, the Special Weapons and Tactics Team assembled within the Mine on the server Zipline on Club Penguin Rewritten. We were able to not only have a successful and enjoyable training, but also significantly increase our coin balance, which will be instrumental to winning our Net Worth Contest!! A massive thank you to all agents for attending and we hope to see you as we make history on Sunday as we take the Army of Club Penguin by storm in the first practice battle of this new era.

Estimated Max: ~15

End Transmission

SWAT Winter Ball

SWAT logged onto CParmies.net for their final flash event. We wanted our troops to enjoy it before we waddle to the next chapter in 2021! Here are some top favorites – penguin style!

Best Dressed – Sammie D
Best Duo – Kaliee & Twas
Best Single – Hiroyuki
Funniest Dressed – PeppaPig (W33B)
Most Festive – Isa Amor

In addition, troops voted on a few more superlatives.

Best HCOM – Graceee
Best Staff – Crynnixx
Most Improved – Kamen Rider Lucas (L90)
Biggest Simp – Firestar08
Most Friendliest – Mare
SWAT’s Clown – VertZ
Favorite Allied Leader – Iceyfeet1234

Most Legendary Moment – Maxing 42 vs ACP
Most Funniest Moments – there were a few

  • Ganger’s first ping
  • Coolguy’s rapid tactic in middle of WV Battle
  • Monkey Invasion
  • ACP Battle
  • Die Go – Killer Bean Movie

There were many memories made in SWAT and many more to come in the future. Flash may be dead but SWAT lives on forever!

Sammie D
SWAT Queen

Christmas Igloo Contest

SWAT hosted a Christmas Igloo Contest. Here are the submissions.

Sammie D
Alpha EM06

Who do you believe has the best Christmas igloo? Thanks for all the submissions!

Sammie D
SWAT Queen