10/21 Sneaky Skeleton Takeover

In celebration of one of our amazing leader-in-training’s birthday, Sneaky, troops logged on to have a skeleton takeover!

Max: 25

SWAT also had a surprise visit from Herbert P. Bear!

Sneaky, we hope you had the best birthday ever! Thank you for letting celebrating with your SWAT Family.

-Sammi D, SWAT Queen

10/20 Oli + Aubz Retirement Event

SWAT logged on for a very special an event. Leaders, Oliver and Aubz have announced their retirement from leadership. Read more about it here.

Max: 35

SWAT will definitely miss them very much! Thanks to Oliver and Aubz for everything they’ve done for this community!

-Sammi D, SWAT Queen

10/18 Fright-or-Fight Tournament

SWAT participated in the first round of the Fright-or-Fight Tournament against Ice Warriors.

Max: 23

It was a great battle against our ally! Congrats to IW making it to Round 2.

-Sammi D, SWAT Queen

10/16 RED SWAT Event

Red SWAT was one of the most iconic divisions in SWAT. Troops logged on Fiesta to commemorate the iconic division.

Max: 28

It was great to put the Red Uni on for a change. SWAT has many more divisions coming soon! Stay tune!

-Sammi D, SWAT Queen


Halloween Costume Contest

Following the Halloween-theme event, troops entered their Halloween costume to win the “Halloween Champion” role. Here are the entrees.

How many can you guess?

And the winners are *Drumroll*….

1st Place – Beach Trooper

2nd Place – Ghost of Elsa & Spooky Pumpkin

3rd Place – Chewbacca dressed as an apple going fishing for his family

Thanks for all who participated! Boo, Felicia!

-Sammi D, SWAT Queen