SWAT Ausia Event

Rise and shine Special Weapons and Tactics! Today, SWAT held an event for our Morning Warriors which was extremely successful. Our AUSIA showed up stronger than ever and did amazing during the event. The team focused on formation changes, different bombs, and quick tactic switches! Read more to see a recap of the event.

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Weekly CPA Power Ranking

  • Top Ten Power Rankings (Club Penguin Armies)
    1. RPF (99.9)
    2. IW (99.1)
    3. HF/ACP (tie) (88.8)
    5. SWAT (80.00)
    6. WV/DCP (Tie – 78.9)
    7. WN (70.00)
    8. SE (63.00)
    9. RR (55.00)
    10. GT(53.00)
    —– Close to Top Ten —–
    FP, PZF

(opinion based on overall size, activity and strength. numbers are random to determine disparity between armies)

CPArmies Memories Compilation

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SWAT CPArmies Compilation and the beginning of the Post-Flash Era

With the end of Adobe Flash and the CPPS – CPArmies, many armies in the community are now looking for the best way to transition and sustain their armies’ success. SWAT is in the same shoes and we are currently in the process of transitioning to new CPPS’es, the main ones being CP Chapter 2 and CP Rewritten. For not only SWAT, but to the entire community, I encourage you all to stay positive and fight through these tough times and don’t give up on your armies, because SWAT certainly will not.
And now, we can take this time to look back at the amazing memories that SWAT has had together on CPArmies and motivate ourselves to now make many more.
SWAT Forever, enjoy!

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