SWAT Graduation Take Over

Special Weapons and Tactics held a graduation take over event on Tuesday, May 4th. This event was fun and successful too. The army decided to switch up their uniform a bit and add a fun graduation cap to it! Read more to see a recap of what occured at the event.

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Sunday Unscheduled Event

Today, Special Weapons and Tactics held an unscheduled event. This event was successful and extremely fun! During the event, the team focused on formation changes and fast room switches. Read more to see what happened!

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SWAT Ausia Event

Rise and shine Special Weapons and Tactics! Today, SWAT held an event for our Morning Warriors which was extremely successful. Our AUSIA showed up stronger than ever and did amazing during the event. The team focused on formation changes, different bombs, and quick tactic switches! Read more to see a recap of the event.

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Agent of The Week – Interview

Today we will be interviewing the Special Weapons and Tactics, Agent of The Week, Anoobie. They have been in SWAT for quite sometime and has worked very hard for us, I was lucky enough to be able to get an interview with them! Read more to see how it went.

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[UK] March Madness Training 3/10/21

Attention agents:

Today, March 10, 2021, the Special Weapons and Tactics Team logged in to Club Penguin Rewritten on the server Ascent for a massively successful training to prepare for the March Madness Tournament. A huge round of applause to all of the loyal and dedicated agents who assisted us on our mission, and helped to make this training so successful. We hope to see you all at our tournament battle. SWAT Family Forever!

Max: 23, Avg: 22

End Transmission.