Defense of Slushy [RESULTS]


SWAT Agents >>> ATTENTION: We are at war!
I am very proud of our performance in this battle. Keep up the great work we will only get better as time goes, fight for SWAT!

One Slice Too Many

Pizza Federation is a small army that goes around maxing 10 maybe a tiny bit more yet “get lucky” when tournaments come around like Beach Brawl, Fight or Fright, Christmas Chaos? They have inflated numbers in tournaments yet when they come out of tournaments they’re weak and pathetic. Take the Beach Brawl for example, suddenly maxed approx 25 after maxing 5-12 consistently and what happened after the tournament??? They fell yet again but kept running their mouths off acting like big shots, getting into places they shouldn’t be getting into. We’ve seen your big act and we’re calling your bluff.

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SWAT Division Battle

MAX : 33

11/3 SWAT Battle Training Results

MAX – 26

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SWAT Gets Its Wings, ACP Springs A Leak, & Nachos Keeps It Going | CP  Warfare Insider
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