[US/UK] Practice Battle Vs WV

Yesterday, we logged onto ASCENT, Cprewritten, to face the Water Vikings in what was to be a fierce practice battle. We have a history with WV since we have recently been to war with then (last year), while both sides aimed for the win, there was no judges so we’ll let you be the judge of who won.

Max: 30+

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Interview with SWAT Leader Legoman

Today we saw two new LIT’s get promoted to Leader. One of these LIT’s was Legoman! Keep reading as we approach Legoman for an interview about his time in SWAT and his promotion to leader of SWAT.

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CPR Training (January 27th)

We will be holding our first Club Penguin Rewritten event in 2021 on Wednesday the 27th of January!
CPR is another CPPS where we hold events on, similar to CPC2 and Cparmies.Ā  There are little differences in terms of what we will be doing so nothing will be too new to you other than the CPPS itself.


:newcpuk:10:00pm GMT:newcpuk:
:newcpus: 5:00pm EST:newcpus:Ā 
:newcpus: 4:00pm CST:newcpus:Ā 
:newcpus: 3:00pm MST:newcpus:
:newcpus: 2:00pm PST:newcpus:
:newcpau:6:00am SGT:newcpau:
:newcpau:11:00am NZ :newcpau:

CPPS: https://cprewritten.net/
Ā Goal: Max 40+ and have a successful and fun event

We hope to see you all there!!!

One Slice Too Many

Pizza Federation is a small army that goes around maxing 10 maybe a tiny bit more yet “get lucky” when tournaments come around like Beach Brawl, Fight or Fright, Christmas Chaos? They have inflated numbers in tournaments yet when they come out of tournaments they’re weak and pathetic. Take the Beach Brawl for example, suddenly maxed approx 25 after maxing 5-12 consistently and what happened after the tournament??? They fell yet again but kept running their mouths off acting like big shots, getting into places they shouldn’t be getting into. We’ve seen your big act and we’re calling your bluff.

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SWAT Training Event

Another day and another event, today we’re hosting another SWAT training event but with a twist just like the title of the event says šŸ˜‰ What will the twist be? How will the event work? Well, I guess you’ll have to come to find out! But I can guarantee it’ll be fun!!!!

(āœŖāœŖāœŖ Red/Green/Purple SWAT Training āœŖāœŖāœŖ)


Ā :swatdab:怋 Tuesday, December 8th 怊 :swatdab:

:newcpuk:10:00 PM GMT:newcpuk:
:flag_us:5:00 PM EST:flag_us:
:flag_us:4:00 PM CST:flag_us:
:flag_us:3:00 PM MST:flag_us:
:flag_us:2:00 PM PST:flag_us:
:Alerta: 6:00 AM SGT :Alerta:

Goal: 35+

In this event, we will choose our favourite version of the SWAT uniform to train!
– Ršžš, Gš«šžšžš§, šØš« Pš®š«š©š„šž š¬š°ššš­