SWAT Godfathers

These people have revolutionized SWAT to some of their greatest heights.

*Ganger90 (Creator Of The SWAT Army)

Ganger90 is the creator of the SWAT Army Of Club Penguin. He’s the only leader that has stuck with SWAT through all of its hard times, dreadful wars, and unsuccessful generations. He stuck with the army when they died, and helped them to rise again many times. He’s the one who brought SWAT from a hated noob and rogue army, to one of the biggest armies ever seen in CP Army history. He is also one of the biggest reasons that SWAT was able to defeat armies like ACP, IW, and UMA many times. In 2013, he retired but then returned in 2014 to lead yet again. He and his ownership in the 2014 Legends Cup were able to hit sizes of 55+ which have not been seen since the end of 2012. In August 2015, Ganger returned yet again to lead with Bad and Taco and help SWAT to beat ACP in a classic war and be the first army in history to take their entire nation. After this, he and Badboy reopened SWAT in October 2015, and brought it to sizes of 45-50 in just three weeks, and achieved 1st on CPAC the first time since 2012. He also helped all the “noobs” that he recruited into the army become very successful people in the Club Penguin Army Warfare Community. Noted as one of the most talented recruiters in CP Warfare since 2010, Ganger was nominated for CPA legend. He was able to gain a Legend status, but it was later removed after he was unfairly accused of cheating. Ganger90 will always be considered the best SWAT Leader ever.



Reece was a great leader, helping SWAT to reach great heights along Ganger90. Reece and Ganger made a great team, and worked hard together to help SWAT rise. Reece led SWAT to the Top 3 many times along with other great leaders such as xiUnknown. Another title given to Reece was SWAT’s most loyal troop. He stuck with SWAT for a long time, and in the time that he was here, he proved himself not only a great and talented leader in SWAT, but a great role model as well. Reece helped SWAT in so many ways. He is another true SWAT legend.



Taco is known for his incredible recruiting skills. Taco has led many times, one of those times being in December 2013. With the help of Benjarkin, Taco led SWAT into the Top 3 for the first time in what seemed like forever. This was the only time in SWAT history that ANYONE has ever led SWAT into the Top 3 without the help of Ganger90 or any other SWAT Godfathers. In summer 2014 Taco helped lead and win a war against the Water Vikings, before being involved in the GA vs. Resistance war in January 2015, where SWAT maxed sizes of 40. He then returned to SWAT alongside Ganger and Bad in August 2015 to defeat ACP in what is said to be the best SWAT vs. ACP war in history.



Benjarkin first joined SWAT in March 2012. Ben was a great recruiter and a big part of SWAT in some of its golden ages. Ben is known for helping to lead SWAT to 1st four times along side Ganger, Cul, and Crazy. He is also remembered for getting SWAT to 2nd in CPAC with Taco in December 2013 without the help of any SWAT Legends.



Badboy first joined SWAT in 2012 for the rank of 5ic. Over time, Badboy learned how to be a responsible troop and a good recruiter. Badboy worked his way up to 2ic, and developed good leadership skills from Ganger90. Bad was one of the biggest reasons why the December 2013 generation was able to be as successful as it was. Badboy has led SWAT on many different occasions, three of his terms being in 2014. The first two times he led, he was quickly fired and stayed distant from SWAT for a while. After being retired from CP armies for almost three months, Bad returned to the community and joined SWAT as leader in July 2014. He was well-known for beating the Water Vikings in a long two-week war. He also contributed to SWAT maxing sizes of 55+ and almost beating the Dark Warriors in a tournament battle. After that, Bad joined DW and stayed with them for five months. After he was removed from DW a number of times, he came back to SWAT and brought them into a powerful alliance called The Resistance. SWAT entered WW7 and took on the forces of DW, IW, and WV. With the help of LT, they destroyed all three armies, and shortly after, Bad left again, and the army pulled out of the alliance. In August 2015, Bad, alongside Ganger and Taco returned to lead SWAT into one of the most classic SWAT vs. ACP wars in history. With Bad’s help, SWAT would go on to become the only army in history to take the entire D.R.A.C.P. before being forced into signing a treaty or agreeing on a ceasefire. After the war, SWAT shut down again, and Bad rejoined the Dark Warriors. But after being removed yet again, and swearing to solely focus on SWAT from that point on, he rejoined the leadership and promised the army that he would help get them to 1st on CPAC. And he did just that. Within weeks, SWAT reached sizes of 40-45 and in a month, they achieved the #1 spot for the first time since 2012. In 2020, Badboy returned AGAIN to lead SWAT using a new Club Penguin private server and help bring the army out of turmoil and help them to reach sizes of 45-50 just days after switching discord chats.



Stare was one of the first SWAT members ever to join in 2009. He stuck with SWAT from 2009-2012 and retired for a short period of time. He then came back in 2014 to help give SWAT a boost. Although he never got leader, Stare defines what a loyal troop is. He returned to SWAT in April 2020 and was apart of the CPO generation a bit and officially came back to lead later on in the year and helped SWAT to be very successful and max sizes of 40+



Lights first joined SWAT in 2009 as a rogue from the server Mammoth. He started as a very low member, worked his way up to 2ic in multiple generations, and led SWAT many times. He helped contribute to SWAT getting 1st in November 2015.



Doms first joined SWAT with Flame in 2010. He helped to lead SWAT to sizes of 20 with Reeces, Spikey and Goodjoker. But due to chaos in the army he left for a short time and then came back

Greatest SWAT Leaders

These are the greatest leaders to have ever been in SWAT, and who have helped make the army what it is today.


Octavian was one of SWAT’s earliest leaders along with Ganger90. He helped lead SWAT to many great heights. SWAT became a very successful army under his leadership. Octavian retired in 2010 and hasn’t been seen since then. He will always be remembered for his advanced leadership skills.



Cul8rsl is known for his loyalty towards SWAT. He started as a member in early 2011, and worked his way up to the 3ic position. However, when SWAT died out due to Ganger leaving, Cul brought back SWAT with Cargo and Step, getting into the medium top ten within the first few weeks. As SWAT continued to grow, they got back into CPAC, later defeating ACP in two wars. This was all possible because of Cul’s hard work and dedication to SWAT.


S Cargo2

Cargo is known for helping SWAT stay alive after their devastating war with ACP in spring 2011, when Ganger wasn’t around to help. In 2012, Cargo brought SWAT back with Cul8rsl for a short generation in which SWAT were able to get consistent sizes of 25-30. S Cargo2 returned in 2020 with Sweater and Zuke to reopen SWAT and lead the army to reach record sizes of 100. Reaching these sizes allowed Cargo to earn godfather for 3 days until it was eventually revoked. Cargo will always be known as one of SWATs greatest leaders and legends.



Crazy is known for his recruiting skills in the SWAT Army. He was one of the leaders that helped keep SWAT together and create great alliances with armies like the Ice Warriors. He also was able to help lead SWAT to great sizes of 40-45+ from 2012-2014. Crazy will always be remembered for his motivating energy and being a great leader here.

SWAT Veterans

These people have been in SWAT for a long time, and helped them to become a successful army in many generations.


Flame joined SWAT in 2010 during the rogue days on Mammoth, climbing to the rank of 4ic by 2011. After leaving for a few months, he came back in the middle of 2012, but left shortly to pursue a new career in the Light Troops. Flame came back in the summer of 2012 to lead SWAT during the war against the Golds. After winning the war, he helped the army recover from mass corruption, coup attempts, chaos and madness; but was removed from leadership after a falling out with founder Ganger90. He returned once again as a 2ic during the World War in 2013 led by Spi101 and Ganger, and became close friends with Reeces2011 and Spikey. He stayed until early 2014, when he retired from armies and didn’t come back until he heard about the shutting down of Club Penguin, where he came back to the army for a last time before the long-lived army closed its doors for good.



Stars34 joined SWAT a few generations after its creation. Stars helped lead SWAT many times, including the first war against ACP. Stars is known for his recruiting and kindness towards SWAT’s troops.



Spikey is known for being one of the most loyal troops in all of SWAT history. Spikey joined in 2009 and stuck with the army until 2013. With the help of Reeces, Doms, and Goodjoker, Spikey led a successful generation where SWAT maxed consistent sizes of 20 and stayed in CPAC for 2 months straight.



Reeces first joined SWAT in 2010. After he joined, he would leave several times. It wasn’t until 2012 when he made a return to SWAT. When he got leader along side GoodJoker, Doms, and Spikey, he had high hopes to bring SWAT back to the top. He was able to lead SWAT to CPAC a number of times and helped show that SWAT didn’t need Ganger to thrive.



Zeer joined SWAT in November 2015 as LIT and quickly found himself leading. Zeer was most known for his incredible GFX that he provided SWAT with and his kindness to troops. He, Bad, Ganger, Apollo, and others would go on to lead SWAT’s best generation since 2012.



Jaylen, first joined SWAT in 2014 as UK leader. Jaylen was quickly recognized as one of the community’s best UK leaders, helping SWAT’s UK division stay at a consistent size of 25-30 to compete with WV’s who were considered the best at the time. He helped SWAT prevail in a two week long war, where WV eventually ended up surrendering. If it weren’t for him, that war may have not turned out the same. After staying away from armies for a very very long time, Jaylen returned in 2020 alongside Sweater, Cargo, & Zuke to get SWAT to sizes of 100+ using the new Club Penguin server. After being fired twice for unjust reasons, he was given his chance at leading again when Badboy took back operations of SWAT. And together, he and the new leadership reformed the New Dawn Alliance to once again establish SWAT and their allys’ dominance in the community. He will always be remembered for his outstanding recruiting skills & dedication to be in this army whether he was leading or just an owner.



Trains2014/Ben has been in SWAT many many times. Although he’s mostly known for his recent work in the Light Troops, Trains/Ben has always been SWAT at heart. After having joined many many years ago, Ben has always been open to rejoining SWAT for any rank and helping contribute to keeping us the best. He was around from 2014-2016 for some of SWAT’s biggest battles, and whenever he we given the offer to come back to SWAT no matter where he was, Trains did not hesitate to say yes. He is a prime example of what it means to be a loyal troop and a true veteran in any army.


Notable Troops

Notable Troops are soldiers of SWAT that worked very hard in this army, but didn’t reach the standards to become a Legend. They will still be remembered.

  • Codycat282
  • Blizzard880
  • Jacob
  • Xiunknown
  • Percyjackson2
  • Smashmac
  • Shadowclub6
  • Melissa
  • SaW
  • Kludd
  • Firestar1114
  • Raprocks
  • Lego Kid5
  • Lord Jay
  • Supa Em
  • Bill41053
  • Kyle103
  • GoodJoker
  • Nitrohammer
  • Tigermca
  • Rore
  • Np3000
  • Daya
  • Shane
  • Danny
  • xFastx
  • Kaliee
  • TechN9ne
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