SWAT Battle Training 2/21/21

Attention agents:

Today, February 21, 2021, the Special Weapons and Tactics Team once again set out to train on Club Penguin Rewritten on the server Ascent. This resulted in an extremely successful training. A massive thank you to all of the agents that joined us in our training today. SWAT Family Forever!

Max: 22, Avg: 20

End Transmission.


We have a big UK event coming up on Thursday and we need EVERYONE to be attending! This event is at a US-friendly time too so there are no excuses for not being able to come. Let’s make this event our BIGGEST OF THE CPR 2021 ERA!

:swatgaspgreen: SWAT HUGE TRAINING EVENT :swatgaspgreen:

》Thursday, February 25《

:clock: ᴛɪᴍᴇ?:clock::

:newcpuk:10:00 PM GMT:newcpuk:
:newcpus: 5:00 PM EST:newcpus: 
:newcpus: 4:00 PM CST:newcpus: 
:newcpus: 3:00 PM MST:newcpus:
:newcpus: 2:00 PM PST:newcpus: 
:newcpau:6:00 AM SGT:newcpau:
:newcpau:11:00 AM NZ:newcpau:
CPPS: https://play.cprewritten.net/#/login

Make sure you’re all in attendance to support YOUR army! Let’s be aiming for 40+, we should be getting AT LEAST 30 (Hence why this is our goal) but let’s get 40!!!! Promotions will definitely be given if we hit our goal!!


Hello, all SWAT troops! We will be holding an event on Sunday and we will need you all to be there! This will be held at a slightly later time than usual but, hopefully, you’ll all be able to make it! Our goal is to get 30+ troops online so let’s make this happen!

》Sunday, February 21《

:clock: ᴛɪᴍᴇ? :clock:

:newcpuk: 2:00 AM GMT:newcpuk:
:newcpus:9:00 PM EST:newcpus:
:newcpus:8:00 PM CST:newcpus:
:newcpus:7:00 PM MST:newcpus:
:newcpus:6:00 PM PST:newcpus:
:newcpau: 10:00 AM SGT:newcpau:
:newcpau: 3:00 PM NZ:newcpau: 


CPPS: https://play.cprewritten.net/

:ArrowRightGlow: Promotions + 10 PTS for AGENTS OF THE WEEK to all those who attend!:ArrowLeftGlow:

We hope to see you all there!!

CPRewritten Staff-Lead Event [RESULTS

Today the SWAT Army of Club Penguin logged onto the server Ascent on Club Penguin: Rewritten for a Staff-Lead training event. We ended up having a great event, maxing 26 and being able to see all of our Staff/HCOM work together and help host a fun atmosphere for all of our troops here.


CP Rewritten Rulers

CPRewritten Newest Pin

Wondering where the newest pin on CPRewritten is located? Don’t worry, SWAT has you covered. Read more to find out where the newest pin is!

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