SWAT Training Event

Another day and another event, today we’re hosting another SWAT training event but with a twist just like the title of the event says 😉 What will the twist be? How will the event work? Well, I guess you’ll have to come to find out! But I can guarantee it’ll be fun!!!!

( Red/Green/Purple SWAT Training )


 :swatdab:》 Tuesday, December 8th 《 :swatdab:

:newcpuk:10:00 PM GMT:newcpuk:
:flag_us:5:00 PM EST:flag_us:
:flag_us:4:00 PM CST:flag_us:
:flag_us:3:00 PM MST:flag_us:
:flag_us:2:00 PM PST:flag_us:
:Alerta: 6:00 AM SGT :Alerta:

Goal: 35+

In this event, we will choose our favourite version of the SWAT uniform to train!
– R𝐞𝐝, G𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐧, 𝐨𝐫 P𝐮𝐫𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐬𝐰𝐚𝐭

Staff/Hcom-Lead Event!!

On Friday we will be hosting another Staff/Hcom-lead event to let our staff and Hcom become LEADERS. This will mean that us leaders will step back to let the staff/Hcom lead the event to see how they do 🙂 However, they will need all of your support too! We need everyone to be there and we need everyone to be supportive and co-operative to help them perform to the best they can.

:welcomeswat::alert: ✪✪ STAFF/HCOM-LEAD EVENT ✪✪ :alert::welcomeswat:

Friday, December 4

Start Times:
:newcpuk: 10:00 PM UK/GMT :newcpuk:
:flag_us: 5:00 PM EST :flag_us:
:flag_us: 4:00 PM CST :flag_us:
:flag_us: 3:00 PM MST :flag_us:
:flag_us: 2:00 PM PST :flag_us:
:sgt: 6:00 AM SGT :sgt:
:flag_in: 7:30 PM IST :flag_in:

》Max Aim: 40


We’re holding a MASSIVE training event on WEDNESDAY and we need ALL of you to be there. This is a training for future battles (AUSIA BATTLE VS SE SOON!), we will be trying out new things as well as going through what we normally do. We are aiming to max 45+!!! If all of you are there then we can achieve this!

:welcomeswat::alert: ✪✪✪MASSIVE TRAINING EVENT✪✪✪ :alert::welcomeswat:

Date- 》WEDNESDAY, December 2nd《


:newcpuk:12:00 AM GMT :newcpuk:
:flag_us:7:00 PM EST:flag_us:
 :flag_us:6:00 PM CST:flag_us:
 :flag_us: 5:00 PM MST:flag_us:
:flag_us: 4:00 PM PST :flag_us:
:sgt: 8:00 AM SGT :sgt:
:flag_in:5:30 AM IST :flag_in:
》Goal- Max 45+ online

Make sure you’re all there! SWAT FOREVER



We’re holding a massive ausia training tomorrow! We have scheduled this event for all of you to learn how things work but also we’ll try to speed things up so we’re prepared when it comes to battles. Treat this training as a battle or training for a battle! Learn from this training and most importantly have fun!

:alert: AUSIA TRAINING :alert:

:swatdab: Monday, November 30th:swatdab:

:newcpuk: 2:00 PM BST:newcpuk:
:flag_us: 9:00 AM EST :flag_us:

:flag_us: 8:00 AM EST :flag_us:
:flag_us: 7:00 AM MST :flag_us:

:flag_us: 6:00 AM PST :flag_us:
:sgt: 10:00 PM SGT:sgt:
:flag_in: 7:30 PM IST :flag_in:


SWAT’s Return Event – May 30th

After merging with DCP earlier this month, SWAT’s creator Ganger90, alongside SWAT Legend Sweater, recieved multiple messages upset with the decision. Together xFastx, Sophy Bee and Iz, decided it wasn’t time to let the SWAT family fall apart, and decided to bring SWAT back with a renewed passion for one of the greatest armies CPAL has ever seen. This new SWAT is focused on community, solidarity and family, and today’s return event shows just how big our family is.

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