AUSIA Invasion of Cozy

Hello SWAT Agents!


Even with the strong efforts from SWAT, we were unable to secure the victory vs our enemy PZF. We still managed to max more than them despite the immense amount of help they received from ACP Staff/HCOM and the SWAT hater party. I’m confident SWAT will win the next one, thank you all for coming!

SWAT Division Battle

MAX : 33

Response to UIPA(Un-identified Peasant Army)

Post from the UIPA’s main website-
Friends, Templars, Countrymen.

Where do I begin? 

Today, we begin our 6th Great Holy War aka Operation: White Sharia. Today, we begin the newest crusade in our long history of wars and battles. Today, we fight against the sensitive SWAT-proxy, the Mangoes. Our reason for war you ask? 

Firstly, We want war. War is our lifeblood. Win or Lose. We want war.
Secondly, Ganger is annoying as [censored]. It’s time we put a stake in SWAT’s coffin. Starting with their proxy armies.”

Come on now, last time I checked legends beat peasants. Bring all the smoke we can be your main supplier.

Lebron Cigar GIFs | Tenor
G90 smokin that UIPA-pack

Massive Training Event

》WEDNESDAY, December 2nd《
Times- 12:00 AM GMT,7:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM CST, 5:00 PM MST, 4:00 PM PST, 8:00 AM SGT

》Goal- Max 45+ online

Battle vs DCP

:swatgun:Date- —–> Monday, November 16th <—–
10:00 PM GMT
5:00 PM EST
4:00 PM CST
3:00 PM MST
2:00 PM PST
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