The End of S.W.A.T

S.W.A.T is now shut down.
This was probably the last time we would see SWAT this big again.
History was made.

Conor defaced the SWAT  ruining all the fun, you can find more info >> here <<
I think it’s crazy that we were able to get SWAT to hit 100+
All the SWAT vets came back it was crazy.
Click >> History << to check out our history page with all our events.
Never forget when we scheduled the first event in less than 24 hours and had almost 50+ show up.
I was able to get us custom red versions of the green uniform and a code for it.
This allowed us to have divisions and we could practice battle ourselves.

S.W.A.T first event

April 12th, 2020 S.W.A.T hit over 100+ 

S.W.A.T hit 100+

It was fun, thanks for the memories S.W.A.T
Zuke – S.W.A.T Legend

Sweater/Conor/Rocks/sAry has a failed attempt to deface SWAT

On May 4th, SweaterConor/Rocks/sAry attempted to deface SWAT. Conor joined SWAT when it opened to help it grow. He mentioned that he was in SWAT for a little in xat times, so he was very trustable. Conor was able to get a trusted judge during the Corona War 2020 when SWAT joined IW GOLD & DW in an alliance. While everyone thought he was a nice guy, there was an evil side waiting to come out this whole time.

Yes, I’m writing this post, so I’m going to keep things as clear as possible. SWAT had a group of people that everything seemed fine, but when it came down to something a person didn’t like, for some reason they made things bigger than it has to be. I’m not going to get into details about every single little drama, but potentially most defacing of armies happens for a reason. So Sweater’s so-called reasoning to attempt and deface SWAT was that “SWAT is corrupt”. Conor said this because Zuke banned some higher-ranked SWAT troops for starting drama and cursing in chat. This wasn’t the first time this group of high ranked individuals in SWAT have broken out with petty drama. While Zuke was sleeping Conor gave admin perms to a few users such as Maroon and some others to help deface the Discord by deleting all emojis, roles, channels, etc.

There’s an important lesson we can all learn from this post. You cannot trust everyone. We should all open our eyes and see the pros and cons of giving anyone any kind of access to anything. Everyone has the potential to anything, but only YOU have the power to make the right choices.


[Training] 4-30-2020

Training Event April 30th 

max: 50 average: 47

We have been training hard lately to perfect our tactics, formations, and all together cohesiveness as an army and today was no different. We maxed 50 today which was exciting and our tactics are getting cleaner and more precise. As someone who has been in SWAT since the very first event I am so proud of all the outstanding efforts made by all our members ranging from agents to commanders. You can see how far we have come as an army and I am so proud of us and I can not wait to see what the future brings us. SWAT FOREVER, this is my family. 

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[Training] 4-28-2020

Training Event on April 28th 

max: 41 average: 40

After the war server battles that happened this past Sunday we were looking forward to a training where we could practice our tactics, room changes, and formations! We keep showing that we can have strong and consistent numbers and that we have big things in store for SWAT. We have been growing and recruiting like crazy and it can be seen in our higher numbers and loyal members attending our events.

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[Ausia] 4-27-2020

Ausia April 27th, 2020

max: 33 average: 30

This was our 3rd AUSIA event that the new generation of SWAT hosted, and I am so proud of the progress we have made. AUSIA is training and working so hard at recruiting that improvement can be seen. This was our first event after Cargo retired and we made sure to pay tribute to a SWAT legend. New generation SWAT is looking better and better every day

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