10/21 Sneaky Skeleton Takeover

In celebration of one of our amazing leader-in-training’s birthday, Sneaky, troops logged on to have a skeleton takeover!

Max: 25

SWAT also had a surprise visit from Herbert P. Bear!

Sneaky, we hope you had the best birthday ever! Thank you for letting celebrating with your SWAT Family.

-Sammi D, SWAT Queen

10/20 Oli + Aubz Retirement Event

SWAT logged on for a very special an event. Leaders, Oliver and Aubz have announced their retirement from leadership. Read more about it here.

Max: 35

SWAT will definitely miss them very much! Thanks to Oliver and Aubz for everything they’ve done for this community!

-Sammi D, SWAT Queen

10/18 Fright-or-Fight Tournament

SWAT participated in the first round of the Fright-or-Fight Tournament against Ice Warriors.

Max: 23

It was a great battle against our ally! Congrats to IW making it to Round 2.

-Sammi D, SWAT Queen

10/16 RED SWAT Event

Red SWAT was one of the most iconic divisions in SWAT. Troops logged on Fiesta to commemorate the iconic division.

Max: 28

It was great to put the Red Uni on for a change. SWAT has many more divisions coming soon! Stay tune!

-Sammi D, SWAT Queen


10/14 LIT Event Training

Leader-In-Training troops were able to show the SWAT Commanders their skills in this L.I.T. training event. In this event, LITs called the shots in tactics, formations, and rooms. This event was led by Camotes, Honda, Blaze and Sneaky.

Max: 31

Great job to all the LITs and thanks to all those attended! Great seeing this generation grow so rapidly!

-Sammi D, SWAT Queen