The End of S.W.A.T

S.W.A.T is now shut down.
This was probably the last time we would see SWAT this big again.
History was made.

Conor defaced the SWAT  ruining all the fun, you can find more info >> here <<
I think it’s crazy that we were able to get SWAT to hit 100+
All the SWAT vets came back it was crazy.
Click >> History << to check out our history page with all our events.
Never forget when we scheduled the first event in less than 24 hours and had almost 50+ show up.
I was able to get us custom red versions of the green uniform and a code for it.
This allowed us to have divisions and we could practice battle ourselves.

S.W.A.T first event

April 12th, 2020 S.W.A.T hit over 100+ 

S.W.A.T hit 100+

It was fun, thanks for the memories S.W.A.T
Zuke – S.W.A.T Legend

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