The End – Zuke

I can’t believe what everything has come to. Club Penguin announces they are ending and everything stops. This is like being in a car crash, but you’re sitting on the other side of the car, while you watch the chaos happen in a few seconds. It’s scary but we are living through this disaster together. I would like to talk about myself and a few others. There have been so many memories made these last 4 years, but I will keep it short and simple.

I started playing Club Penguin in 2008, and the first thing I saw was a group of green penguins (ACP), and I wanted to find out more info. I found their site and I was thinking to myself “I have no idea what this is” so I forgot about it. Later on, I joined the CuP (CP Trainer) group and we managed to make so many different ways of hacking Club Penguin and the creator MhX banned me from the site.

I, later on, saw ACP penguins recruiting, and I go back to their site and comment on the join page, with my original name Nice907. I then saw a yellow penguin and it happened to be someone from the Golds Army, so I went on their site, and commented on their join page and found their chat.

On just my second day in CP Armies, Andrew24 told me he was going to train me, and he named me “lildrew” and I became an owner on Golds chat. Then I met Antonio960 and we became friends. Andrew24 told me to recruit, and I was recruiting on my main penguin Nice907, and I got banned. I had to choose a new name, so I came up with Frozen Zuke. I got my powers from people giving me gifts over the years. I then moved on to SWAT. Ganger90 had me join SWAT so many times, and I led SWAT for a couple of times and over time it became my favorite army. Recently, I reopened SWAT with Badboy & Ganger, and with only 1 event we made it to 2nd on the Top Ten and closed, I was amazed. I then led Redemption Force to 2nd before moving to a Spanish speaking army called the Wild Ninjas. When I joined they had no clue what to do, and I brought them from SMAC to CPAC. Then I moved back to SWAT for their final generation, and this is where I am left off. I love you all, even if you hate or love me, it was a blast to come on my computer every day and see what awaited me. Everyone in CPA will not be forgotten. 

I started out as a SWAT private, and worked my way to becoming leader, I’m truly going to miss every single one of you. It’s a shame that this is the way CPA in general has to die, but all great things must come to an end.

People I will remember:

  • Andrew24
  • Flamez64
  • SpyGuy101
  • Chainz
  • Whats Up11
  • Coqumuchu
  • Ganger90
  • Iceyfeet1234
  • Badboy
  • Spi101
  • Johanwillfir
  • Dan Lorenzo Bean
  • Emily
  • Coke Nok (Tilgen)
  • Gangsta
  • Cubster
  • Cbass
  • Zyan20
  • Wyoskyguy
  • Taco
  • Tax
  • Freezie66
  • Ghost
  • Subster
  • Swimmy Blue
  • Wwebestfan
  • Final Chaser
  • Hulk
  • Tempah
  • Gloria
  • Rose
  • Mustapha10
  • Spikey
  • Skipper233
  • Xxtoysoldier
  • Trader
  • Elmikey561
  • Silverburg
  • Kyle103
  • Lights717
  • Everyone Else
Sorry if I forgot anyone, but I will miss each & every one of you!
There’s just so many pictures and memories, I have a few on, and if you ever want to talk about memories just find me on xat.

PC me on xat for my Kik – Snapchat – Number. I would love to keep contact with everyone! Zuke (535767186)

– Zuke ~ Former SWAT Leader

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