And So Life Goes On..

For some of you (Apollo), CP armies may be all you have in life. And today, I am going to be dissecting the situation that has happened over the last couple of weeks.

Warning: I’m about to rip this kid a new asshole (If it hasn’t been ripped for him already) GABOY!

You may know Apollo (or you may not because he’s pretty irrelevant and didn’t do anything but multilog in his career here at SWAT). While I was recruiting, Apollo undermined my recruiting and leading skills and he sat on his ass and wandered through rainbow land (he’s a faggot). Apollo’s recruiting skills were put on show, I mean some of his penguins were on Verum’s list! (He gave them to him for “recruiting”, right???) Wrong! Apollo is well aware of what he did here in SWAT, and the fact that he tried to put SWAT on blast for what he was actively participating in is hilarious. The snake move Apollo pulled shows the measure of his integrity as a man, and that is 0. I wouldn’t expect much more coming from a faggot. Let’s compare this situation to a real life situation. For example, me and my friend were both smoking weed everyday, and as soon as the cops got involved, I was the one smoking weed, he tells the cop where it’s at, tells them he don’t got no weed on him (when he really do), and he gets out of it, and I get locked up in jail. Thankfully this is CP armies and nobody can lock anyone up, and I doubt anyone would listen to a fool like Apollo anyways. I mean just look at any of the armies he’s been in. The only successful armies he led were ones that I was in myself (Marines, SWAT), two armies he likes to claim that he had so much success in and was a great leader when I could put money on the fact that he didn’t recruit a single troop while he was leading. Notice how he went AFK up until 5 minutes before every event while Bad and I were calling everyone and getting 55-60+ on chat? You can call us cheaters, multiloggers, whatever you want, but the fact is that life goes on and what we are left with post-CP armies is ourself in the mirror, and Apollo is the one who will have to deal with being fake and having absolutely no integrity as a man at all. And so as life goes on, I will be doing whatever I want with my life and working towards being successful and providing the checks in any way that I can, and Apollo will continue to be wasting his time on CP armies and trying to accept himself for “who he really is”, or was he “born like that”, I don’t really know, but what I do know is what matters most is not that he’s a homosexual, but that the content of his character and his actions are on the level of that of a bitch. Lol.

We were able to get a connection with one of Apollo’s believed-to-be gay lovers, Ghosts. I was banned on WV chat (Apollo’s Gay Headquarters) for telling the truth. Not surprised at all. Unfortunately we couldn’t get an answer, I think he was just embarrassed to be associated with a snake-like Apollo.

I have a lot of questions for people like Apollo. Were you really born that way, or you just couldn’t get any pu-tang so you tried to get some dick? Have you always been a fuckboy or did it just develop over time? WV, I would watch out for Apollo if I were you, not because I’m positive he’s multilogging for you now, but I would watch to make sure he isn’t pulling any moves on your young male soldiers. Another proven fact, Apollo likes to get fucked by his dog (nasty), I guess his gay lover Ghosts hasn’t been providing for him lately, but hell who am I to say, it’s not like I’m 100% straight, can manage to talk to a girl, and like to feed on pussy unlike this ugly ass nigga who had to start soul-searching for men because he couldn’t even get the grossest pussy in the sea. But it’s all good, because like the title of this post says, life will go on for me and I will continue striving to be successful in REAL life, and as for Apollo, just keep on doing what you do man… and it will catch up to you.

7 Responses

  1. “Apollo likes to get fucked by his dog (nasty)”. LOL

  2. im a gay faggot

    • ok….

      • There are actually moors (the Lüneburg Heath) near where I spent the first several years of my life, but I doubt I ever went there. And it1;&287#s a bit more park-like than wild, the way I imagine moors in Yorkshire.

  3. Is SWAT returning or not @ganger.

    • lol ^ Nachos should worry more about the condition of their army then the posts I make that aren’t even directed towards them.

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